During my employment as Design Director with Interbrand Singapore, I had the incredible opportunity of working on the Thai Airways rebrand across all phases, from winning the contract to developing the brief, and ensuring it’s successful completion two years on. 
The national carrier of Thailand required a brand overhaul in order to develop a unique and exciting approach in delivering a distinctly Thai customer experience. 
The new brand was brought to life through the idea of ‘Thai Touch’, and is expressed in everything you hear, see, smell, touch, taste and feel. A famous Thai artist was commissioned to create a 15 metre mural to represent these six senses, which plays an integral role in the identity system. 
At any stage of a customers journey, every meaningful touchpoint became an opportunity to showcase the brand. At the end of project, Thai Airways received extensive guidelines for all areas of design, that will continue to help them build over a 10 or 20 year program. 
Designed in collaboration at Interbrand Singapore.
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